Shorts are the Latest Trend

You might be intrigued to know what a board short..

Shorts are the Latest Trend

You might be intrigued to know what a board short is. Isn’t it the same as the short pants or the Bermudas or the swimsuit shorts? Though the concept is similar, there are subtle changes to it.


Some FAQs on Board Shorts

Q1. What is the actual difference between the swimsuit shorts and the board shorts?

Boardshorts are not lined with net material like the swimsuit shorts. Boardshorts first started as the swimming trunks, but later evolved and now everyone with an active lifestyle for beach sports, wear it.

Q2. Can board shorts be worn for water sports?

The boardshorts offers freedom of movement that is absent in most of the other shorts. Surfers, skaters, water surfers and kayakers wear this lightweight, comfortable and durable board shorts. Even those who just want to have fun and frolic on the beach go for board shorts.

Q3. Can this be worn as everyday attire?

Yes, definitely. It can be worn as everyday attire. These are baggier than the shorts and extend to the knee and beyond.

Q4. Do the boardshorts have pockets?

It depends on the clothing brand. But if they have a pocket, then it is made of mesh fabric that allows the water to escape while retaining the contents within.

Q5. Do they come in all sizes?

Yes, you have from the small to the plus size board shorts.

 If you haven’t tried one yet, do it today!

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