You Too Can Preserve All Types Of Flowers

You can dry and preserve almost any flower type. You..

You Too Can Preserve All Types Of Flowers

You can dry and preserve almost any flower type. You will hardly come across a flower type yet that doesn’t work for preservation. So, to start with, where to find your flowers? You could pick them from your garden or buy them from a florist and you can also check your local farmers’ market or a grocery store.

The two ways that you could preserve your flowers  as seen on sites like are by pressing or by hanging them to dry. And we will begin with the pressing method. First cut the stems up into the sizes that you want and place them between sheets of paper and this is going to absorb their moisture and then put that paper between the pages of a heavy book and stack some more heavy books on top and then leave it to dry for a week or two.

Some flowers dry pretty quickly and some take a bit longer so just keep checking on them. Another way to dry flowers is by hanging them to preserve their shape. This is how many professionals dry their flowers. This method of drying is great for flowers that are too big to be pressed like roses.

This method is pretty self-explanatory all you need to do is take your stem and tie it upside down somewhere to dry, you could for example hang from your window but you can also hang them from a shelf, a cabinet or anything that just gives them room to hang freely upside down.

Let both your pressed and hanging flowers dry for a few weeks until you are sure they were completely dry and then they are ready to use in any projects. You might love putting the flowers that you hung in vases around your room and also use them all the time as props. You will really like how they retain their shape whenever you hang them to dry. For the pressed flowers, you could either use squash tape or glue to attach them to your projects. You can add them to everything like your journal, pen pal letters, your planner and all your other notebooks. And when it’s fall, you may feel like these dried flowers look so good as decorations because they go really well with the autumn theme.