Types of Cable Reels

Courtesy-WikipediaCable reels are also known as cable drums, which are..

Types of Cable Reels


Cable reels are also known as cable drums, which are used to roll cables on them, so they can be transported from one place to another. These cable reels are put onto the cable trailers and then transported. The cable spool stand is used to put the cable reel on it, and then it can be used for whichever purpose you require it for.

There are several different types of cable reels:

1. Plastic reels:

These types of reels prove to be environmentally friendly, since they are manufactured from recycled material. Plastic reels are lighter in weight, hence used to carry cables which have a lighter weight.

2. Wooden reels:

These are constructed in resinous wood, which means they are really strong and are used to carry a lot of weight. The tyres are often made of steel for multiple usage. One-way drums are manufactured for single trips, which are constructed from plywood and often destroyed after their they have used only once.

3. Plywood reels:

Plywood reels are really lightweight, yet very strong if constructed out of poplar or birch ply. Plywood reels have proven to be cheaper than the other kinds of reels, but they are destroyed after being used once.

4. Steel reels:

Also known as multi purpose reel, the most popular kind now-a-days, is the steel reel. They prove to be more durable than the wooden reel, and some of them are also collapsible, which allows them to be stored safely and then re-used. They can carry really heavy cables and last longer, minimizing the cost of a cable reel for the users.

These are some types of cable reels used.

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