Types Of Cable Pushers

Courtesy: kwippedEvery site, that involves cable installation or pulling jobs,..

Types Of Cable Pushers

Courtesy: kwipped

Every site, that involves cable installation or pulling jobs, must own a cable pusher. It is the best way to move and handle cables. However, the type of cable pusher that one uses depends on the type of job he or she is required to do. Hence, below is a list of different types of cable pushers one can choose from.

1. Cable pusher Top mount

The cable pusher top mount is great when you are dealing with cable between 50mm to 140 mm. You can easily find this cable pusher with a hydraulic power option as well as an electric one.

2. Cable and piper pusher

If you are working in a place which is confined or more closed than normal, than this certain type of cable pusher can be really effective. You can not only make use of it on building construction sites but also on ships due to its high utilitarian value. It also has a rubber material which is not only wear resistant but can also provide the right friction.

3. Cable pusher side mount

The work site might have several really narrow spaces where it might become really hard to work. In such cases a cable pusher with a side mount will be the most effective due to its compact side. It also has control valving which can be really beneficial in many cases.

Therefore, those of you who are looking for the right cable pusher for your job, explore the aforementioned options before you make the most suitable purchase based.

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