Different types of Thresholds and Their Material

An Overview of Different Types of Thresholds and Criterion for..

Different types of Thresholds and Their Material

An Overview of Different Types of Thresholds and Criterion for Selection of Material for Thresholds

Thresholds perform the duty of protecting your home from outside heat, wind, and cold. As such, it is quite important to find the right one for your home or commercial establishment. Our aim here will be to examine different type of thresholds and the materials they are made from so that you can make the right selection while shopping for thresholds at any discount door hardware store.

Material for Thresholds and Their Types

If you want to buy thresholds then there are several details you will have to look into. Let us explore these details in following sections.

Selection of Material

discount door hardwareCommonly found thresholds are made using extrusion process and utilize materials such as bronze and aluminum. It is better to avoid ones with anodizing or applied finish since in areas with very high traffic it is likely that such thresholds will easily get scratched as well as wear off within a short time.

However, you may well contact discount door hardware stores for thresholds which are made using anodized aluminum (such as those having dark bronze finish). The benefit is that they tend to be less costly in comparison to solid bronze thresholds.

However, if you are looking for something that would last longer, then you need to opt for solid bronze thresholds which do not wear off easily.

Types of Thresholds

You can select from a variety of thresholds from discount door hardware shops such as interlocking, panic, vinyl top and saddle.

Saddle Type: It is a common type of threshold and if it is used in conjunction with door sweep then is able to effectively contain cold or heat as well as protect you from water, dust and wind.

You aim should be to purchase a saddle type threshold having sufficient height for closing gap between door's bottom and floor so that the gap is no more than one-eighth of inch.

Panic Type: If you have an out swinging door then you should be using a panic threshold. Such a threshold offers weather proofing and you can also incorporate a seal right within stop strip to get added protection.

Interlocking Type: If there are in-swinging doors then interlocking thresholds should be your first preference. Here, a “J” or “L” hook is present on door's bottom which interlocks with threshold.

You will also find interlocking thresholds with weep holes at about twelve inch intervals to create waterproof threshold.

Vinyl Top Type: You will find vinyl top type thresholds at discount door hardware stores and these are quite like saddle type thresholds. The main difference between the two is that in vinyl top types there is a vinyl strip over the saddle to get a better seal.

These are appropriate for residential use but not for commercial usage since if they are exposed to very high traffic then the vinyl can easily wear out. 


Finally, to summarize it can be said that thresholds play an important role in protecting you from nature's elements and as such, you need to pay special attention to selection of right threshold.

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