Losing The Pregnancy Weight In A Healthy Way

Courtesy-MomJunctionWhen you go through pregnancy you are bound to gain..

Losing The Pregnancy Weight In A Healthy Way


When you go through pregnancy you are bound to gain weight. Some weight is actually recommended by your doctor which is rather easy to strip down post pregnancy. However, if you are a little over weight before your pregnancy or you put on extra during, it can take you up to a year to shred it.

Here is how you can lose weight post-partum the healthy way:

  • Do Not Diet

Dieting can only worsen the situation, stay away from crash diet as it will only affect your internal system. Take high protein foods such as fish and beef. Your body goes through a lot so consider consuming turmeric, tea and berries that have anti-inflammatory properties. Stay away from processed food and sugar. Vitamin A, C, D and E are extremely important for your body; eat spinach, oranges, eggs and nuts to keep your vitamin levels normal.

  • Breast Feed

Breast feed aids in getting you back in the pre pregnancy weight and figure faster and it is also great for your child’s immune system. Drink lots of water and stay away from foods that produce gas.

  • Start Moving

Once your doctor recommends light exercise start moving a bit. Try working out or light jog for ten minutes each day at the beginning. For a Fresh Start, Fitness Holiday Bootcamp Thailand is a great choice. These boot camps are run by professionals with several nutritionists on board so you can eat and workout accordingly.

Be patient with yourself and don’t jump into conclusions. Taking off the post pregnancy weight and fat will take some time so do not lose hope. However what’s important is that you take off the extra fats before they stick with you forever.

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