Black And White 35mm Film For Beginners

There are many different types of 35mm films that you..

Black And White 35mm Film For Beginners

There are many different types of 35mm films that you can buy for your film camera. The task may become daunting due to the huge variety. If you are new to photography then choosing black and white 35mm film would be a great start. The main reason behind choosing black and white film is that you can develop it at your home. You can also develop colour film at home, but most people suggest to start with black and white because it is a bit more straight forward and easier to handle. This is good for beginners, because you can quickly get an idea of your exposures and composition without having to wait a long time to get your negatives back from the lab. You can see your picture after 10-15 minutes of developing it. If you have a digital camera, it is possible to get great results from using it to take a photo of the negative. You can then invert it a edit using photoshop.

One of the most commonly used black and white 35mm films is Kodak tri-x 400.

Kodak tri-x black and white film

This is the film that has been used in the past by photo journalists like Robert Capa and Henri Carteir-Bresson. The character of the film give a nice contrast look of dark blacks with a fine grain and close Sharpness. Many street photographers use tr-x today because it still provides a great image when pushed to 1600. The reason why they push the film is because street photographers want to get as many subjects in the frame to be in focus. In a lower light situation, you need to shoot with a wider aperture, which means that less will be in focus and will have a bokeh effect if you shoot with 400 iso. When you load the film into your camera, you can simply change the iso dial to 1600. When you develop the film, you can develop according to 1600 iso.

Black and white film was the first type of film to be invented and even when colour 35mm film was released, many serious photographers did not want to use it. They thought that colour film was not a serious medium. Over the years, this attitude changed when it became more and more excepted when people could see people like William Eggleston using the film.



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